Lanesborough Tourism Co-Op

Lanesborough Tourism Logo Lanesboro Tourism Co-Op Society supports rural development in this area and has achieved a considerable amount of structural development since it was established in 1992. Lanesborough Tourism identified a need to create a focus for the area and to give the local people a sense of pride in their community. The objective is to create a community richer economically, socially, and culturally by encouraging our community to develop its full potential—its people and it’s natural beauty.

Lanesborough Tourism Co-operative has been a sponsor of the Community Employment Scheme since 1992. Since commencement of the project, our community has come together to tackle the problems of unemployment and rural-development in our area in a practical and focused way. The CE Scheme has been central to the completion of the following community projects, during that period:

  • Physical improvement of the area, including stone wall construction, tidying up of derelict/untidy public sites, grass cutting, painting and general maintenance.
  • Development of an Area Action Plan for Lanesborough 2010-2013, in conjunction with Longford Co Council and all local groups/associations/clubs. The aim of the plan is to improve the town and its amenities for local residents and visiting tourists
  • Tidy Towns Competition. Lanesborough is entering the competition for third successive year. The CE scheme is crucial to continuing year on year improvements in the marks achieved.
  • Development of fishing has attracted increasing numbers of angling visitors creating revenue for local bed and breakfast, hotels and businesses.
  • Extension of the parish hall provides valuable space for groups such as the active age, Youth Clubs, Group Meetings etc., which to date have not had their own specific areas for their activities. The extension is disabled friendly with easy access to the hall and disabled toilets.
  • Lighting of the Bridge and its arches provides increased security for tourists on cruisers during the summer months as the whole area is now floodlit, and more user friendly for tourists and local residents.
  • Widening of The Hot Water Stretch has left the area more accessible and has improved the fishing with the attendant increase in visiting anglers.
  • Lighting of Banks of the Shannon has provided a lovely amenity for the tourists as a walking area. It also provides a much safer area for night fishing and for the summer campers.
  • The children’s playground has provided an opportunity for young families to engage in play activities and an opportunity to integrate with each other.
  • The Commons North walk provides an opportunity for leisure activities for tourists and local people.
  • The construction of a footpath and associated landscaping on the Ballymahon Road allowing pedestrians and cyclists to walk in/out of town in a safe manner
  • Erection of Christmas lighting on the Main Street.
  • Design and construction of Heritage Information Boards at the Playground, on river bank and on the Commons North Woodland Trail, introducing tourists and locals to the native flora, flauna, mammals and trees and the history of the local area.
  • Landscaping and tree planting of all approach roads to town centre
  • Co-ordination of the visit of President Mc Aleese to Lanesborough in October 2010, celebrating the community and the voluntary work of all local associations and clubs
  • General maintenance of town area including litter removal, grass cutting, painting, cleaning and general day to day maintenance