Lanesboro Gathering 2013 Launch

Lanesboro Gathering Logo

Gathering Launch on Thursday

This coming Thursday evening 27th June in Adie Farrell’s the committee invites everyone to come along to the official launch of the Gathering weekend at 9pm. Come along and discover the wonderful line-up of events that have been put in place for our Gathering. Light refreshments will be served on the night.

Hosting the weekend festival is proving to be very expensive but it is a cost that we are fully confident will be covered by sponsors, contributors and support of people of Lanesboro and Rathcline throughout the world by supporting the events leading up to the event and also attending the functions throughout the weekend. We are committed to making the weekend a very special that will fill everyone with a great sense and pride of our town and parish.

We have heard of people that have made plans to be here for the weekend and we hope to hear from more and more people as the days draw closer.

We invite everyone that can attend on Thursday night to come along and be part of the first of our Gathering events.