Newtowncashel Cemetery Sunday


Cemetery Sundays – Saints’ Island Cemetery, August 18th; Cashel Cemetery, August 25th.  Mass and Prayers for the Dead, 6.00pm.  These Masses will replace the 10.30am Mass in the Church.
Pattern Day will be celebrated at Lady Well, Derrydarragh, on Saturday September 7th, the eve of the Feast of the Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Mass follows the recitation of the Rosary at 6.00pm.  This Mass will replace the Saturday evening Mass in the Church.

Lanesboro Gathering 2013 Launch

Lanesboro Gathering Logo

Gathering Launch on Thursday

This coming Thursday evening 27th June in Adie Farrell’s the committee invites everyone to come along to the official launch of the Gathering weekend at 9pm. Come along and discover the wonderful line-up of events that have been put in place for our Gathering. Light refreshments will be served on the night.

Hosting the weekend festival is proving to be very expensive but it is a cost that we are fully confident will be covered by sponsors, contributors and support of people of Lanesboro and Rathcline throughout the world by supporting the events leading up to the event and also attending the functions throughout the weekend. We are committed to making the weekend a very special that will fill everyone with a great sense and pride of our town and parish.

We have heard of people that have made plans to be here for the weekend and we hope to hear from more and more people as the days draw closer.

We invite everyone that can attend on Thursday night to come along and be part of the first of our Gathering events.

NewtownCashel Harvest Festival

Harvest Fair Cashel


A fundraising Table Quiz will be held in Doyle’s of Kenagh, on Friday June 28th.

A Sponsored Walk takes place along the Grand Canal at Kenagh on Sunday July 14th.  

The Festival is in Newtowncashel on Sunday Septemebr 1st.

Proceeds are in aid of St Christopher’s, Newtowncashel Tidy Towns and Cashel GAA Club.

Turf Season Arrives

two yahoos standing at a reek of turf

We made this

Oh joy of joys. The black gold has been dug, squashed,and squeezed out of the hopper, like a large sausage maker across fields and bogs in the midlands. It quite simply doesn’t get any better than walking out to the bog to feel turf that has been cut 3 days.

The anticipation of that first gentle squeeze of a sod, or that light pat of the hand on top of a sod with a ‘dacent shkin‘ on it. And you know that you’ll do extensive injury to your back, probably get third degree burns from staying out there too long…but nothing rivals footing turf.

Its almost a necessary thing to do in summer, a manly, life affirming, testosterone filled journey into a big flat bog, with midges, nettles, whin bushes, and a mile walk in off the road.

This year at some stage there will be a turf making competition in the region. It will involve posture, hand and eye coordination, speed, agility, a flair for 70s disco and footings to be no more than 4 ft tall.

The couple above made that reek themselves, they didn’t get dirty,not a hair out of place…but then again the bog is a very magical place this time of year

Lucy Brennan Shiel Art Exhibition

Lucy Brennan Shiel Painting

Local artist Lucy Brennan Shiel has work on show in Backstage Theatre in the Atrium Gallery, running from 4th to 29th June, 2013, Monday to Friday, 10am—5pm and any evening prior to a theatre performance. Lucy’s exhibition, titled Landscapes from the History House, is a collection of paintings inspired by the poetry of Kieran Furey and a local response to the Famine Museum at Strokestown House.

The official opening of the exhibition is an evening of poetry, art and music and takes place on Thursday 13th June, 2013 at 8pm in the Atrium Gallery at Backstage. All welcome.